What Was Lost


Sarah Blake is a successful children’s author but she has forgotten how to write. In fact, she has forgotten almost everything. And, now, trapped deep within her unreachable memories, is the truth about an event that left her unconscious and far from home. Her physicians fear that a sudden influx of information will cause further repression, possibly psychosis. So Sarah remains isolated from her past, adrift in an adult world informed only by the faded experiences of childhood. Then, one day she meets Matthew. With her nine-year-old experiences and adult needs, she readily succumbs to his charms. But slowly, Sarah comes to realise that Matthew knows more than he can tell. So now, Sarah must rediscover her past and piece together a tragedy that only she can explain. But as she tries to remember she is haunted by a child’s laughter and it becomes obvious that her greatest enemy and the greatest obstacle to her knowing the truth is her own Unconscious Mind. Will Sarah ever remember what happened to her, or is her Mind determined to protect her from something that is best forgotten? And what clues to her past are hidden in the rooms above her apartment?

Perhaps some things are best left forgotten …


ISBN: 978-1999855963


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