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Alternation – A ‘new’ SciFi/Fantasy/Surreal Short Story

15 Jun

Rationale: The life cycles of the lower plants demonstrate an Alternation of Generations, which allows reproduction to proceed with and without transfer of gametes. I decided to apply a similar process to humans and added just a little realism and a hint of matriarchal dominance in the shape of Granny Green, who really was as old as the hills …


Fantastic not Fantasy

28 Mar

Things are Becoming the Wrong Size (2011) is a multi-genre short story written during recovery from jet-lag. It is more overtly comedic than usual but this might be due to compromised physiology, possibly hysteria.

Too long to be a short story; too short to be a novella

28 Mar

A new short story has been added:

The Fenchurch Reckonings (2009) has been rewritten from an experimental, cross-genre story.  It is exactly 5,000 words long, in five parts . . . so it offends most criteria of the short story.  But it is way too short to be a novella. And, what is more, it roams between realism, surrealism and fantasy so that it defies any commitment to genre. In fact it is a literary abomination. And it won first prize in 2014 British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition.

It is not yet available online

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