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The Fenchurch Reckonings

21 Oct


The Fenchurch Reckonings won the 2014 British Fantasy Society’s Short Story Competition.

It features in the first edition of the Society’s new Journal/Magazine:

BFS Horizons.

It is a  slipstream piece which investigates levels of reality and perception and, as such, sits at the interface of both Fantasy and Science Fiction genres.


Alternation – A ‘new’ SciFi/Fantasy/Surreal Short Story

15 Jun

Rationale: The life cycles of the lower plants demonstrate an Alternation of Generations, which allows reproduction to proceed with and without transfer of gametes. I decided to apply a similar process to humans and added just a little realism and a hint of matriarchal dominance in the shape of Granny Green, who really was as old as the hills …

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